Olistica Life Sciences Group

Olistica Life Sciences Group is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused on the research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of natural therapeutics and high-quality plant-based derivatives. With bulk supply from our cooperative agriculture partners, we produce capital, durable, and consumer goods from botanical byproducts for use in a myriad of medical and therapeutic applications. We are committed to the integration of these all-natural commodities in global commerce through proprietary processing, customized formulations and innovative sustainable solutions.

Our Fully  vertically integrated

Supply Chain

Olistica Life Sciences Group is supported by a series of unique subsidiaries, each dedicated to a different part of the production pipeline of research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of natural therapeutics and high-quality plant-based derivatives. No matter where you are in your production line, we have a solution for you.



Companion AG is a pioneering agricultural company offering a companionship-platform to assist in the development of high-volume, premium-quality, and consistent commodity products.

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CBD field
Jordan Process Factory


Jordan Process is a full-service processor and manufacturer of high-quality, industrial-scale, novel materials, and botanical APIs.

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Naturea Biomaterials is a technology and aggregation hub focused on utilizing biomaterial feedstock for industrial applications.

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CBD material in hand
dietry suppliment


Cascade Naturals is a formulator and manufacturer of dietary supplements, natural health products, cosmeceuticals, and other naturally derived consumer goods.

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A pioneering pharmaceutical firm that specializes in natural product-based therapies and holds IP from clinical trials to support ingredients and finished product formulations for their safety and efficacy.

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clinical reasearch
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Dedication to Consistency & Traceability

Through proven research and development methods, top-of-the-line suppliers, and premier commercialization facilities offering high-capacity processing and built for pharmaceutical compliance, Jordan Process assures its partners it is ready and prepared to meet their current and future needs.

Your trust in us will continually be met with consistent products of outstanding quality and unmatched support.

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