Who we are

Jordan Process is a full-service processor and manufacturer specializing in medicinal botanical products that provides clients with superior novel materials and botanical API's. We deliver standardized commodities of natural origin on an industrial scale by working with a carefully selected network of global suppliers and agricultural partners. All offerings from Jordan Process are manufactured and processed at our state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, which are suited to meet a multitude of market needs.


How We Help You

At Jordan Process we pride ourselves on our robust, fully automated, and cGMP certified facilities and their dynamic capabilities to serve a broad range of industries. Once raw material reaches our facilities, human interaction is minimized to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. We take care of all compliance management needs and provide full traceability of our ingredients from seed to shelf. This allows us to supply our clients with consistent bulk ingredients at any scales.

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Our History

Jordan Process grew out of the success of its scalability and streamlined approach to efficiency. Our journey working with dietary supplements and pharmaceutical APIs began humbly as manufacturers, cultivating the spoils of the earth. After 10 years of producing single solid doses for the natural and dietary supplement industry, we discovered that to create the greatest possible product, we needed to vertically integrate and control the supply chain. To fully satisfy the needs of our clients we had to expand to accommodate their lofty but justifiable expectations. Learning to make precise extractions enabled us to isolate ingredients with a greater level of accuracy but to facilitate the quality of these extractions, we needed a better source of raw materials, so the next logical step was to begin agricultural operations to supply this demand.

Finished product experience, manufacturing experience, analytical chemical experience, and industrial chemical engineer experience are just a few of the specialties we bring to the table here at Jordan Process. We worked for over 2 years to convince one of the most respected consulting groups in the industry to work with us because we only work with the absolute best. Obtaining the respect of one of the most reputable consultancy groups in pharmaceuticals has undoubtedly made us a formidable player in the next generation of sophisticated API’s and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Bringing a combined 50+ years in the dietary supplement industry along with 30 years of pharmaceutical API development is just the beginning. However, as we look toward the future of Jordan Process, we believe it will be much like the past: driven by hard work and a tireless pursuit of innovation.

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