Our Process

By adhering to the most rigorous standards and accepting only the highest quality, we have been able to cultivate a system of protocols unsurpassed by any other competitor in the industry. Every step of the process has been comprehensively analyzed and streamlined to provide maximum quality without sacrificing an ounce of efficiency.

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Starting at the Source

Our commitment to producing products at the highest quality starts with the ability to trace ingredients back to their origin. We understand that verification of origin is an essential step to securing your supply chain, which is why Jordan Process partners with managed global agricultural networks. This also allows us to offer our customers access to a network of greenhouses, farmland, and qualified botanical experts. Every source we partner with collaborates closely with our team throughout the ingredient production process to ensure full traceability allowing us to affirm the pedigree of our products.

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Quality Control

Quality by Design

Quality systems are a pillar of our business success, backed by science, we let quality management guide our production design and practices. Our process starts at the source and continues throughout our manufacturing sequences, which allows us to guarantee consistent and standardized deliverables. Once the raw materials arrive at our facility, we minimize human contact to reduce the risk of cross contamination. This allows for full traceability and assures a premium product free of fluctuations. Along with full traceability, all our capabilities and quality systems support both part 111 and 211 of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) outlined by the Food & Drug Administration.

Extracting the Ingredient

Bulk Extraction

Our proprietary extraction and refinement facilities are designed to process a wide range of botanicals using several standard and unique extraction methods and refinement techniques. The extraction of targeted compounds from prepared botanical feedstocks is the core process for producing active botanical ingredients.

Jordan Process state-of-the-art facilities are designed with flexibility in mind so that nearly any form of starting material can be introduced, managed, and transformed into your desired end-product. The total processing capacity of our facilities exceeds 200,000+ gallons.

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The Finished Product You Deserve

Turning raw ingredients into standardized products involves a variety of sophisticated processes and techniques. Whether the final product is an oil, liquid, or powder, our ingredients are ready-to-formulate and are designed for ease of use in manufacturing of finished products. All products are rigorously tested and analyzed to assure quality and efficiency. Pipeline transparency adds an additional layer of assurance, providing a comprehensive view of the entire supply chain to clearly verify the origin of each specific Ingredient and API.

Our constant innovation within the fundamental understanding of a process and its control factors enables us to repeatedly produce highly consistent and standardized ingredients. Our quality control measures over finished ingredients produce the predictable and consistent chemical and biological outcomes that manufacturers need from their ingredients to deliver a successful product to market.

Research & Development

Discovering the Future

At Jordan Process, our approach to innovative research and development relies on taking the best from the past to forge the future. Preserving and enhancing the systems that make our extreme quality control and full traceability possible is always top of mind and receives continual investment.

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Dedication to Consistency & Traceability

Through proven research and development methods, top-of-the-line suppliers, and premier commercialization facilities offering high-capacity processing and built for pharmaceutical compliance, Jordan Process assures its partners it is ready and prepared to meet their current and future needs.

Your trust in us will continually be met with consistent products of outstanding quality and unmatched support.


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