Jordan Process Liquid

Nutraceutical, cOSMETICS, FOOD & beverage


Formulated using our full catalog of advanced methodologies, all liquid-based products are synthesized at the absolute peak of engineering capability – guaranteeing an unrivaled level of quality and consistency. And their ready-to-formulate ingredients make it easy to incorporate in your own product. These standardized liquids offer consistent quality and implementation without the added steps required of other bulk ingredients. Our standardized liquids can be readily incorporated into a variety of different applications, allowing manufacturers to easily integrate our ingredients into any tinctures, soft gels, topicals and beverages.


Commitment to our Partners

Through proven research and development methods, top-of-the-line suppliers, and a commercialization facility offering high-capacity processing and built for pharmaceutical compliance, Jordan Process promises its partners it is ready and prepared to meet their current and future needs.  

Your trust in us will continually be met with consistent products of outstanding quality and unmatched support.

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