Nutraceutical, cOSMETICS, FOOD & beverage

Nutraceutical, cOSMETICS, FOOD & beverage


Our catalog of ready-to-formulate products are used in a variety of industries including nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and food & beverages. Jordan Process' novel materials and botanical APIs are offered in a wide range of options. Each product provides the same high-quality ingredients regardless of their respective classification, and every active ingredient is available in a variety of standardized base formulas to satisfy any final product or application in a ready-to-use format.


Commitment to our Partners

Through proven research and development methods, top-of-the-line suppliers, and premier commercialization facilities offering high-capacity processing and built for pharmaceutical compliance, Jordan Process assures its partners it is ready and prepared to meet their current and future needs.

Your trust in us will continually be met with consistent products of outstanding quality and unmatched support.

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