Maltodextrins VS Natural Fibers
January 10, 2022

Maltodextrins VS Natural Fibers


Prepared By: Susan J Hewlings PhD, RD
Director of Scientific Affairs Nutrasource/GRAS Associates

In this White Paper we take a closer, more comprehensive look at the drawbacks of traditional maltodextrins when compared to sophisticated alternatives like natural fibers.

Critics of maltodextrin alternatives often question the viability of natural fibers as an active ingredient, falsely claiming their all-natural properties make it hard to work with, when it's actually far superior to its predecessor. Not only is oat hull fiber a vastly more successful ingredient in terms of overall efficacy, it’s also produced using portions of the plant that are typically discarded, meaning less waste in landfills and a more ethically-minded approach to resourcing materials.

To learn more, download the Full White paper below.

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